Ok i’ve only had 200 views but I do feel guilty about not keeping up the info about the build on this bike.

I will post a bit more technical info at some point but just a quick summary on the Serene.

It has been on the road for about 12 months and has been performing really well. It is strong, has had no major failings the drive train, brakes, wheel (wheel rear wheel) are all holding up well. No rusty parts and the only thing I have replaced is the tyres (with some nice Schwalbe Marathons).

The only thing I find it that the step through frame is very flexy particularly with any load on the rear basket (there is already the weight of the battery to contend with. When I ride the bike (85kgs) or really does adversely effect the handling, but my lighter wife is not as bothered. Also for me the front suspension and suspension seatpost are a bit useless as my weight just bottoms out both as soon as I sit down.

All up it is still a really nice bike to ride, however for other reasons I will be looking at trading up to a light cargo bike at some point in the future Kona Ute or Yuba Boda Boda).

More later.